Friday, May 28, 2010

We're having a baby!

We're all friends here, so you'll excuse the fact that I peed on these.

Yesterday, John and I found out that we're expecting! Words cannot express the excitement and wonder I am feeling. We immediately called our parents to share in the news and celebrate with us. Since we're both only children, I think they were hoping and praying that we'd make them grandparents soon. :)

I could literally hear the amazement in my mom's voice. She is going to be such a great Vavo! My dad chimed in in the background (as usual) and even called me "Mommy-to-Be" when he called today. John's parents are also thrilled with our news and we know our child will be loved by these very special people. The baby is so blessed to call these four grandparents.

So tradition usually dictates that you wait until you're through the first trimester before telling other people about your pregnancy. Ha! John and I once opened presents 3 days before Christmas because we were so excited. There's no way we were keeping this a secret. By this evening, most of my mom's family knew, and I told my two cousins Wendy and Lauren. We'll tell John's family when we see them on Sunday at the shore house.

My plan for this blog is to keep track of my pregnancy, especially my nutrition and exercise. I plan to stay as healthy as possible and want to provide my baby with all the nutrients it needs to grow strong. This blog will serve as a food journal, as well as a place for me to record our progress with the nursery. I'm sure there'll be a few belly pics included too. Speaking of which... I should go take one!

Here's today's food journal:

Breakfast - almonds and an apple
Lunch - steamed veggies with brown rice; wonton chips
Snack - Greek yogurt
Dinner - mixed greens, avocado, grilled squash and zucchini

And here's my first belly pic:
Here's something I never knew... It is ridiculously difficult to take a picture of a profile of your stomach. Now you know... in case you should ever need to do that. ;)

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