Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Grandparents Visit!

Yesterday my parents drove down from MA to visit. It is so wonderful to see them and to share in this amazing time. We went for breakfast and then mom and I went shopping while John and Dad worked on the house. Our shopping excursions of course led us to Babies R Us, and I don't feel nearly as overwhelmed in that store as I used to. It helps that so many of my friends have had children already. The first time I had to purchase a registry gift there I walked in and walked right out again! I've gotten much better now. :)

I know it's way too soon to look at baby "stuff" but we had fun looking anyway.

After, we came home and cut up the fruit for today's cookout at John's parents' house. I was surprised at how tired I was by the end and how my legs were hurting a little. After lunch mom and I went for a walk... I want to make sure to stay active throughout this pregnancy. Speaking of lunch, here was yesterday's food list. Waking up at 5 AM is bad, because it means you eat breakfast twice!

Breakfast #1: banana and natural peanut butter on whole wheat toast
Breakfast #2: egg beaters on english muffin and fruit cup
Snack: terra chips and apple
Lunch: romaine with cucumbers, tomatoes, and red kidney beans; half cup vegetarian chili
Dinner: Star Tavern pizza (I know, I know... but I did get the whole wheat crust at least!)

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