Monday, October 10, 2011

A Day in the Life of Charlie's Mom

In the past I've done a few posts on what Charlie does throughout the day. Today I thought I'd do one from my perspective. Now that I'm back at work, much of Charlie's day is a mystery to me. I know he eats, sleeps, and plays at school, but I don't have the nitty gritty details. I do, however, know what my busy days are like... so here we go! :)

5 AM - wake to my alarm and pump the left side
5:30 - Charlie is starting to stir so I go in to nurse him. Sometimes he settles back down but since I'm awake I figure I might as well. :)
6:00 - Charlie is back asleep so I hop in the shower. I usually shower at night, but I'm presenting today so I hoped for a morning one - and Charlie cooperated quite nicely.
6:40 - Charlie is awake; I dress him and bring him downstairs. I finish packing his bag (milk and food for the day). Last night I put in his bibs, sippy cup, bowl, spoon, and clean clothes. He also has a bag with a bunch of clean diapers, wipes, and wipe solution for a couple of days.
7:00 - We're in the car and ready to go. The drive is only about five minutes, which is great.
7:10 - We drop Charlie off. He eats his yogurt with Miss Sandra while I unpack his bags. John and I kiss him goodbye.
7:20 - We stop at Dunkin for breakfast. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I don't like the Dunkin in my town. I feel like it's kind of dirty and they often mess up my order. Ugh!
7:30 - I drop John off at the train station and then drive to work.
7:55 - I arive at the high school (we have a professional development day today). I head to the nurse's office and pump.
8:30 - The presentation finally begins. It's actually pretty informative and entertaining, which is a nice surprise.
11:00 - I excuse myself a little early from the second presentation and pump again.
11:45 - I drive to the other elementary school and eat lunch with the other afternoon presenters (spinach salad and sun-dried tomato panini).
12:45 - 3:00 - My colleague and I do four presentations to teachers in grades 3-6 on reading workshop. They go very well, and I'm excited to be able to leave early to get Charlie from school.
3:30 - I arrive and Charlie is sleeping - boo! I pump while I'm there.
4:00 - Charlie wakes up and we head home. My neighbors are outside with their kiddos so we hang out and say hello (after letting the puppies out to go potty, of course).
4:30-5:00 - Charlie and I play together. He gets some tummy time, which these days means he rocks back and forth on hands and knees (I need to snag a photo of this!)
5:00 - We nurse, followed by a little oatmeal mixed with milk.
5:30 - It's play time again! Tonight's activity involves an empty tissue box (see video below). ;)
6:00 - We head upstairs for bath time, followed by massage, jammies, a quick nursing session and bedtime. Charlie is asleep by 6:30.
The rest of the night involves the following...
  • emptying Charlie's bag from school; loading bottles into dishwasher and putting dirty clothes and diapers into the hamper/wash
  • general tidying up around the house, including laundry if needed
  • making and eating dinner (though my Peapod order isn't here yet, so I'm typing this instead and I'M STARVING!
  • doing a little school work
If all goes well I'll be in bed and sleeping by 10 so I'm ready to do it all again tomorrow. Phew! And as a reward for making it through all that - here's Charlie!

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Anonymous said...

I could watch this video all day. I can't wait to see you both.
Love you - Mom
PS - you are a busy lady!