Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Charlie is funny

I'm going to try my best to describe this, since it wasn't possible for me to get a picture without risking Charlie's safety. Tonight during naked time we were practicing our sitting. I sit behind Charlie while he tripods. Tonight he decided to bend his arms so he could put his toes in his mouth for a bit, then pushed himself back up again. He did this a few times in a row - hysterical! I can't leave him sitting alone just yet, or I absolutely would have gotten a picture. Maybe I'll be better prepared tomorrow. :)

I also wanted to say that today was just an awesome day. My son is amazing! He's not even six months old yet, and I'm pretty sure he didn't even cry for a second today. Amazing, right? He is on quite the little schedule lately, with very predictable naps and eating times. He also accompanied me to the store this afternoon and was a perfect companion. I know not every day will be so perfect, but I am convinced that he is one remarkable kiddo!

Next week is the big week for starting solids!! I've got all our materials ready to go. The spoons are already in the drawer.

Today I also let Charlie practice with an empty sippy cup. At first, he just tried to eat the whole thing...

But then he got the hang of it once I showed him how. He was sucking on the spout like a pro!

Wait until next week and there's WATER in there! ;)

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Josefine said...

Oh this is exciting! I will be following your solids adventures - Hannah is not that far behind based on actual age and even though we might delay a little she will be there soon enough and I have started at least thinking about it.