Friday, July 15, 2011


Why the overuse of the exclamation point, you ask? Well, at Charlie's weight check today he gained seven ounces in the past week. This was after gaining only three ounces between four and five months. Silly little guy was not requesting more food after he ate from one side, and since I had an oversupply, I was only feeding from one side. But he needed more, and since I've been nursing from both sides, he's moving in the right direction. Phew! It's not that I was again using formula (the ladies in my play group jokingly call it the "f" word) but I felt confident that it wasn't the right choice just yet. After consulting with a lactation consultant last week, I knew we were on the right track to continue exclusively breastfeeding. Just in time to start thinking about solids. More on that to come... ;)

In more happy news, Charlie is just starting to discover his four-legged siblings. Today, Molly was practicing tummy time with a toy just like Charlie. She's such a good big sister. Charlie repayed her by grabbing a handful of hair on her head. We're still working on how to gently pet our puppies. :)

He looks innocent enough, but Cairn Terriers beware of Charlie and his grabby hands!

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