Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cloth Diaper Update

I am happy to announce that we have solved our overnight diaper dilemma! I put a Thirsties hemp insert behind a bumgenius microfiber insert and stuffed them both into the pocket. So far, so good! The hemp inserts are really thin, so as Charlie gets older/sleeps longer/wets more, we can put two behind the microfiber. I hope his future wife appreciates my commitment to keeping his little guy chemical free! (Disposable diapers have been linked to infertility in males.) In addition to the health benefits, I love that cloth diapers are saving us so much money. Because we're nursing and using cloth, Charlie is practically free right now! :)

Thirsties hemp inserts - sunflowers not included
This afternoon I called our top two child care centers to schedule tours for next week. Eeek! I've actually already viewed the one in town (and I liked it) but it was over the summer. I'd like to see the regular schedule and what the curriculum would be like for Charlie's age group (he'll be seven months when he starts). The other center is one town over from where I work. JA would take the train from here too, so when we become a one car family in June, it will be helpful to commute together to the same place. I'll update next week after I tour both centers.

I also spoke with our pedi office. Green poop (along with yellow and brown) is perfectly normal for a breastfed baby. Good to know. :)

Breakfast - Fiber One toaster pastry
Snack - banana
Lunch - black bean burger on a whole wheat tortilla with ketchup and mustard; raspberry sorbet
Snack - BBQ POP chips
Dinner - ziti with marinara sauce
Dessert - Tofutti ice cream sandwich

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