Saturday, April 9, 2011

Transitioning to the Crib

So, my plan was to start this in the next couple of weeks. But if you know me, you know I can be a bit forgetful sometimes. I have a history of locking my keys in the car, forgetting my purse/phone/etc. somewhere... you know the drill. And since I left Charlie's Rock n Play Sleeper at my parents' house in Massachusetts today, Charlie will begin transitioning to the crib tonight. Eek! Actually, I'm OK with it... I think it's time. He's getting bigger and he was going to outgrow the RnP soon enough lengthwise anyway. So I'm sure I'll have quite the report tomorrow (or I'll be so sleep-deprived you won't hear from me for a couple of days). :)  The plan is to put a few rolled towels under the mattress to create a slight incline. Many girls on have done this and have had success, so I'm hoping it works for us too. I'm not looking for him to sleep-through-the-night... just hoping for our usual schedule (bed by 8ish, up around 12/1 and 3/4). Wish us luck!

The Rock n Play never factored into my nusery plan anyway... the colors were all wrong. ;)
Breakfast - scrambled eggs with ketchup on a whole wheat tortilla
Lunch #1 - vegetable lasagna
Lunch #2 - veggie burger; handful of fries; pink lemonade
Dinner - Amy's organic vegetarian burrito; four potato and cheese pierogies

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