Sunday, April 10, 2011

We Survived

It wasn't exactly pretty, but Charlie survived his first night in his crib. We started our bedtime routine at 7:00 with a bath and PJs then headed upstairs to the nursery. He was down a little after 8. He woke up for the first time at 11 and only nursed for about 10 minutes before he was asleep again. In hindsight, I probably should have tried to get him back to sleep without nursing, but I'm just so used to feeding him when he wakes at night. He woke again at 1:15. This time I did try just soothing him, but nothing worked until I fed him. He finally went back to sleep around 2:30. Then he woke again around 5:15 and we were up for the morning. John tried soothing him a bit, but Charlie wanted nothing to do with sleeping any more, so I took him downstairs to play. He's pretty tired this morning, which is always a problem because every time we nurse, he falls asleep before getting a proper burp out. And if I lay him down without burping, he's up within ten minutes or so spitting up. So after walking around the house with him for at least thirty minutes, we finally got a burp and he is now sleeping (flat on his back - we're practicing!) on the couch beside me. The thing about first-time parents and their babies is that so much of it is trial and error... just when something starts to work well, something new comes along to throw a wrench in the works. I am glad that he's in his crib now, and even though it might take a few nights to get back to where we were, I'm confident that Charles can handle it. Whether or not his mom and dad can handle it remains to be seen...

Charlie's just lucky I don't put him in a crib like this... then he'd really have something to cry about! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa - What a difference a day makes. The house is so quiet without Charles and I am so missing our time together.
Well, you survived the first night - give yourself a big pat on the back and it will only get easier with time. Remember that it takes at least 3 times before you can even see an improvementin any change in behavior. In no time at all Charles will be very happy in his own crib.
Call me when you have some time today. Dad and I were talking this morning and wanted your opinion on some of our thoughts.
Take care and give Charles the most loving kiss and hug from vavo and Grandpa.
All my love,