Sunday, February 20, 2011

Newborn Photo Shoot

So remember how I told you that Charlie hates being naked? Yeah... it was a rough start to his photo shoot on Saturday morning. After an hour of trying to get him to sleep/cooperate, we finally determined that naked pictures weren't happening. He got to wear a onesie, and then it was lights out! I only have one shot so far, but don't you just want to eat him up??

Charles celebrated his two-week birthday this weekend with a visit from his Vavo, Madrinha, and Prima. He was surrounded by doting Portuguese women. :)  He also has his two-week doctor visit tomorrow, where we hope we'll learn his weight is at least 8 lbs. 6 oz. He eats like a champ, but also spits up like one too. We shall see...  Here's what's new with two-week-olds:
Your womb was a warm and cozy environment, and it takes time for your baby to adjust to the various sights, sounds, and sensations of life outside your body. You may not be able to detect much of a personality just yet as your baby spends his time moving in and out of several different states of sleepiness, quiet alertness, and active alertness.

The only way your baby knows to communicate is by crying, but you can communicate with him through your voice and your touch. (He can now recognize your voice and pick it out among others.)

Your baby probably loves to be held, caressed, kissed, stroked, massaged, and carried. He may even make an "ah" sound when he hears your voice or sees your face, and he'll be eager to find you in a crowd.
I was supposed to try on my pre-pregnancy jeans this weekend, but I didn't exactly get around to it. In fairness, my mom and cousins were helping me clean out the basement, so I was being somewhat productive. Maybe if I'm feeling ambitious I'll dig them out of the bin and try them on for our outing to the doctor's office. I did manage to dig out an article of clothing that you may remember... the little pink tank top! Here I am, two weeks post-partum.

I have three pounds to go to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, but I also need to do some toning in the tummy area. I'm hoping to get the all-clear to work out at my six-week appointment so I can start running and yoga again. In the meantime, I will start my food journal tomorrow today. Nursing makes me sooo hungry, so I'm trying to get better about eating healthily. Today isn't a great example, but I'll get there... :)

Breakfast - three pancakes with syrup; cranberry juice
Snack - Greek strawberry yogurt; grapefruit juice
Lunch - "chicken" strips with one slice of American cheese on a whole wheat wrap; three slices of Star Tavern pizza (super thin whole wheat crust!)
Snack - homemade chocolate pudding (made with low fat organic milk)
Dinner - squash stuffed with rotini and mixed veggies (carrots, snap peas, and broccoli); piece of vegetable lasagna (carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower); roasted potatoes
Dessert - orange

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