Saturday, March 19, 2011

Charlie is six weeks old!

A month and a half - wow! John and I are prepping ourselves for the next few weeks which many say are just a bit rough. Thankfully, Charlie is cute enough that I think we'll make it through. ;)  Here's the update on our baby at six weeks:
Has your baby smiled at you yet? If not, he will soon. At 6 weeks, about half of all babies can recognize their parents, and many of those babies are so delighted that they welcome Mom or Dad with an excited, gurgly grin. This is one of the first signs that your baby is developing an ability to socialize. In fact, it's called a "social smile," and it's one of the more emotionally gratifying milestones you'll see your baby reach.
I have to confess that I think Charlie has the most adorable smile. He often breaks it out when he's charming the camera or playing on his mat. Of course, I think he saves his best smiles for Mommy, but I could be biased. Oh, and on the nap front, the little stinker is currently in his My Little Lamb seat where he's been asleep for two and a half hours. Go figure... My opinion is that he really hates lying flat. I know he's going to have to do it eventually and I'm sure he'll be able to when he's ready. But for now, I know it's more important that he get the sleep he needs so his body and brain can grow and develop.

"Lady, get the camera out of my face and please let me sleep!"

Breakfast - egg white veggie flatbread; cranberry juice
Lunch - half a grilled veggie wrap; half a baked potato
Snack - carrot cake
Dinner - St. Patrick's Day party (Mommy's first night out!)

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