Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today I broke down and ordered groceries to be delivered. I got a "new mom" coupon in the mail for $15 off (which more than covers the $6.95 delivery fee) so I thought I'd give it a try. I haven't wanted to bring Charles to the grocery store in the cold weather. Plus, it's really hard to get a full grocery run in with a newborn! I'll update you tomorrow after delivery (between 3 and 7).

Speaking of updates, we did get the Woombie. I like that it's easy to put on (zips right up) but I don't think it's quite tight enough for Charlie. He needs to be wrapped up really well in order to sleep. Also, when he's in his Rock n Play at night, the material bunches up around his mouth and nose which makes me nervous! So we'll stick with the SwaddleMe for now... and hope that he outgrows this swaddle thing in a month or so.

Breakfast - Cinnamon Chex with soymilk
Lunch - vegetable lasagna; pita chip and hummus
Snack - yogurt
Dinner - half a cucumber with Italian dressing (see why I used Peapod now, right?)

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Jessica said...

Ahh that is a luxury I would probably take advantage of also! Not that there is a need for grocery delivery in Florida, but it sounds nice :)