Friday, March 18, 2011


My parents and Tia Teresa came down for the weekend and I am instanty blessed with two baby nurses and a personal chef. Glorious! If I was uber rich I would totally hire servants. Once I feed Charlie he is whisked away while I go shower, do laundry, or sleep(!) until he needs to eat again. I actually find myself missing him for those moments when he's not with me. I'm not used to this! Tomorrow will be the true test since it will be my first time leaving him home. JA and I are going to a St. Patrick's Day party at our friends' home and Charles will be home with my parents and aunt. My plan is to feed him just before I leave and give my mom two prepared bottles. There's also more expressed milk in the freezer should he be especially hungry. I will bring my pump with me to the party. We only plan to stay for a couple of hours, so I'll probably only have to pump once. It will be nice to see our friends and all, but I'm sure I'll be eager to get home to our little man.

Speaking of the little man, he is at a nap-fighting stage. What is that about?? Doesn't he understand how awesome naps are? I, myself, am particularly fond of them. I would take them every day - twice a day if I could! ;) Does anyone have any magic cures for this stage? We swaddle to sleep and he is perfectly content to just lie quietly in your arms. He doesn't actually fall asleep though. And if you put him down... forget about it!

(documented proof that he does actually sleep)
Breakfast - egg white veggie flatbread; coffee milk (brought all the way down from Massachusetts)
Snack - one slice of American cheese on whole grain toast
Lunch - Tashmoo! - nachos; half a veggie wrap; half a baked potato
Snack - fruit smoothie
Dinner - grilled veggies (zucchini, squash, green and red peppers; potato); cous cous; corn
Dessert - carrot cake (Thanks Dad!)

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Jessica said...

What a nice fluffy swaddle...who wouldn't want to sleep? Maybe it is a growth spurt? My babies have been eating more and sleeping less this week. I wouldn't mind it if they weren't getting so cranky at night.