Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last night Charlie ate at 7, 8:30, 10:50, 3, and 6. I am exhausted!! Also, I'm not entirely convinced that I won't smell like spit up for the remainder of my existence. I am convinced, however, that Charles is going through a growth spurt - again. In fact, I think that he'll be about 6' 7" by the time he's 15. I'm 5' 4", so I've clearly passed along height genes. ;)

Even though I eat a ton of veggies, I don't remember the Green Giant being quite this creepy looking!
Breakfast - two organic eggs with American cheese and organic ketchup on whole grain toast; cranberry juice
Lunch - veggie burger with ketchup and mustard on a whole grain tortilla; baked fries
Snack - orange
Dinner - one slice of pizza; Caesar salad
Dessert - half a chocolate cupcake; soymilk

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Linda said...

Tough night. Good luck tomorrow and give Charles a big kiss and hug for me.