Saturday, September 25, 2010

There must be something in the water...

Tonight was another neighborhood Bunco game. We now have women expecting in November, January, February, March and April! Isn't that cool?? We need someone due in December to make the sequence complete. :)  There was obviously a lot  of baby talk going around tonight which was totally fun. I could talk babies for a good long while these days.

After school today I stopped at Babies R Us to officially start our registry. Kristi, Katie, and Abby will accompany me next Friday to complete it, but I think I got a decent start. My favorite item on there so far is this peacock. My Portuguese family knows why... :)
I'm not sure I had a pav√£o toy when I was little, but Baby A gets to have one!

Breakfast - DD veggie egg white on an English muffin; baked hash browns; OJ
Lunch - Subway veggie delight on 9-grain bread (lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber, pickles, banana peppers, and honey mustard); Baked Lays
Snack - low fat blueberry muffin
Dinner - kale and mango salad; tortelli salad; veggies wrapped in rice paper; celery and dip
Dessert - brownie bite; fruit kabob; chocolate chip cookie

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