Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blue doors never die

Remember when I painted all of the interior doors a while back? Yeah, I'm not finished yet! The front door is the last blue door in the house. Both sides are painted blue. Dark blue. Yesterday I stopped at my trusty Home Depot to pick up some of Freshaire's No-VOC primer/sealer. Two coats later, here's what we have:

Tomorrow it's back to Home Depot to select the official front door color (I'm thinking red!) and pick up another can of their bright white for the back of the door and trim. Baby A greatly appreciates not having to inhale any fumes. He's too busy bopping around in there, which I am feeling with increasing frequency. :)

Breakfast - bowl of Cap'n Crunch with organic low fat milk
Snack - whole grain pretzels
Lunch - organic romaine lettuce and tomato with croutons and organic balsamic dressing; slice of French bread pizza
Snack - organic apple
Dinner - small bit of penne vodka; garden salad; slice of cheese pizza
Dessert - blueberry frozen fruit juice bar

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