Friday, November 19, 2010

Busy little bee!

Yesterday M&M went to the groomer, which is a six-hour process door-to-door. After school I rushed home to get them, feed them, take them to Bridgewater, and drop them off. Then I ate dinner, went to Babies R Us to update the registry, went to Michael's to buy a baby book, and went to BB&B to get curtain rods for the nursery. After getting their vitamins at Petsmart, I picked the girls up and we all headed home where I promptly fell into bed. FYI, my new body pillow is great! I slept much better last night - either because I was exhausted or because it's just that good. :)

Tonight I'm meeting up with friends and family to watch HP7!! So excited! I told JA last night that I already have the collection of books set aside in hardcover for Charles. I hope he enjoys them someday as much as I did.

Breakfast - two eggs on a whole grain English muffin with hot sauce; OJ
Lunch - slice of cheese pizza; garden salad with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber with light Italian dressing; Sun Chips
Snack - fruit snacks
Dinner - veggie burger with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and pickles on a bun; fries

Breakfast - egg white and cheese on a croissant; baked hash browns; decaf iced latte
Lunch - tofu, green beans and carrots with brown rice in a spicy sauce; handful of wonton chips; all natural apple sauce
Snack - Sun Chips
Dinner - slice of cheese pizza; bowl of Count Chocula with light soy milk (I think this officially qualifies as a weird pregnancy thing)

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