Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Six-Day Work Week

Not really a fan of this. I told my mom that I was "too pregnant" to work six days a week. In reality, though, today isn't too bad. I work part-time once every couple of months at a bridal accessories boutique. I do actually like it, though I joked with mom this morning that I'll be tempted to say, "Who cares what earrings you wear on your wedding day? Let's talk about me - I'm having a BABY!" :)

Charles and I took the one-hour glucose test this morning. We were up bright and early at 6:30 for a 7:30 test. The experience wasn't bad at all. I had read all of these horror stories about people puking from the drink, passing out after the blood draw, etc... The drink tasted like a chilled, sugary, somewhat flat, orange soda. I actually really like orange soda, but never drink soda anymore so I viewed it as a little treat (weird, I know). After the drink, the lab set me up in "the glucose room" where I sat for an hour on a leather recliner and read Mockingjay (which I know I'm three months late on). When my hour was up I got to "cut the line" since it was a timed test and they drew three vials of blood. After getting my Garfield bandaid, I was outta there. Of course, I had a little snack of cheese and crackers waiting in the car, along with my trusty water bottle. I also stopped at Starbucks for a post-test treat. Here's hoping the results come back soon and I passed!
Officialy the best water bottles ever created. I have three, but often contemplate puchasing a few more to store away.

In other exciting news, today we get the crib and dresser assembled by my very talented father-in-law! I am quite excited to go home and see how everything looks. Here's a reminder of what we're getting:

Bonavita Metro in Chocolate
Ikea Hemnes 8-drawer dresser in black-brown

At this point, we still need to purchase the mattress, but I've done my research and know which one we want. Then Baby A will have a place to sleep, a place to have his diapers changed, and a place to store his adorable little outfits. Once I order the glider on Black Friday, we'll be good to go!

Oh, here are the curtain rods I got for the nursery (in espresso). My plan is to install these room-darkening shades on the windows, then white floor-length curtains (from Ikea), then the valance with the anchor fabric. Slightly ridiculous that our son will have three types of window treatments, but I'm sure that deep down he'll appreciate it. ;)
Pre-test breakfast - one hard-boiled egg white
Snack - four crackers with cheddar cheese
Breakfast - Starbucks spinach and egg white wrap; decaf peppermint mocha soy latte
Lunch - half a whole wheat wrap with romaine, tomato, cheese, pickles, banana peppers, and oil & vinegar; small side of organic mac and cheese; fruit (grapes, melon, pineapple, watermelon)
Dinner - baked ziti; dinner roll

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