Saturday, November 27, 2010

'Twas the morning before the shower...

Today is our first baby shower here in good ol' Massachusetts. I'm so excited to see our friends and family and to celebrate Charlie's arrival. I'll probably be a little overwhelmed like I was at the wedding shower, but maybe it won't be so bad since all of the fun things will be for our little guy. I think I'm most looking forward to the clothes... I've been pretty good about not buying too many things. In fact, there are less than ten outfits at home right now... which is pretty good for a first time mom. I picked up a few infant gowns, PJs with puppies all over them (I'm a sucker for puppies!), an outift with guitars on it, and a lion Halloween costume I found on clearance for $7. Not too bad, right?

Of course Charlie's closet will be equally neat and organized. :)

Breakfast - egg and cheese on a deli flat; decaf mint tea (no sugar!)
Snack - two bites of apple pie; Granny Smith apple
Lunch - garden salad with one-fourth of a pita; ziti with sauce; garlic bread
Snack - chocolate chip cookie
Dinner - Portuguese roll (half with butter, half with sauce); garden salad; broccoli; fries

Breakfast - one whole wheat pancake; decaf mint tea
Snack - bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crisp; one hard-boiled egg white
Lunch - veggie crudite; salad with romaine, grape tomatoes, mandarin oranges, gorganzola, and walnuts; piece of vegetable lasagna; half a boiled potato
Snack - half a cup of decaf coffee with milk and one sugar; piece of cake
Dinner - three nachos with cheese; one mozzarella stick
Snack - piece of cake (so good!)

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