Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where's David Bromstad when you need him?

Seriously... I need an HGTV Design Star here STAT! If I never look at another door, hinge, paintbrush, or roller again, it will be OK by me. Who am I kidding? I secretly love this stuff, but I am beat! Was it worth it? Totally. Our upper level has such a brighter, cohesive feeling now. And the updated hardware looks great too (I ended up finding a great deal on doorknobs at Home Depot). Here's the finished product... well, not exactly finished. As soon as I began admiring my bright white doors I noticed the trim was looking a little dingy... ugh, here we go again! ;)

Here's a reminder of the before shot...

And now...

Pay no attention to that dull white trim. I'll get to it. It only took me three years to paint the doors so...

Our friends Pat and Meghan came over tonight and Joe and Wendy are on their way down too... so excited to see them! I probably won't update this weekend, but I'll see y'all on Sunday.

Breakfast - Total cereal with organic skim milk
Snack - Terra chips and bowl of organic fruit (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and red grapes)
Lunch - organic blue corn tortilla chips with bean dip, salsa, and low fat cheese and sour cream
Snack - Greek raspberry yogurt
Dinner - Spanish rice with chickpeas

Breakfast - organic egg on whole grain toast with natural ketchup
Snack - organic grapes
Lunch - tomato and mozzarella panini with basil pesto sauce
Snack - granola bar
Dinner - 2 veggie egg rolls, 1mozzarella stick, 2 jalapeno poppers (all baked); garden salad
Dessert - slice of cantaloupe; mixed organic berries and grapes

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