Tuesday, December 28, 2010

34 Week Appointment

JA and I attended our 34-week appointment today. We got to hear baby's heartbeat again - love that sound! My blood pressure is great, still no swelling, and here's the best - I didn't gain any weight in the last two weeks!! After watching my belly grow so much lately, and indulging in a holiday treat or two, this was comforting. :)

As a reward I treated myself to some new bras today. Not very exciting, but necessary nonetheless. I used to work at Victoria's Secret, so I know the importance of wearing the correct size. I went to a boutique in Denville and got fitted by the owner. 36D/36DD.... yeah, that made me chuckle. I don't really care about the size, I'm just happy they fit and don't make me look that size! I am now all stocked up on nursing and post partum supplies (oh, the un-glamourous side of pregnancy). I did get one somewhat cute nursing outfit to wear around the house. I don't dare bring it to the hospital, since everyone warns you not to bring anything "nice" in case it gets ruined. It will be nice and comfy to wear afterward though.

Breakfast - two scrambled eggs on half a roll; decaf tea with honey
Snack - clementine
Lunch - half a veggie wrap; half a baked potato; some most of John's fries ;)
Snack - Lindt truffle
Dinner - baked ziti; garden salad with organic Romaine, grape tomatoes, and cucumbers with chipotle ranch dressing
Dessert - cup of hot chocolate; banana

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