Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Chair - Take Two

Some people say, "Everything happens for a reason." Perhaps the infamous "chair tear of 2010" was a blessing in disguise. The chair was returned today to Walmart, and I ordered a new one when we got home. But instead of the beige microfiber, I ordered the chocolate brown. The furniture in the room is all dark brown, and while I liked the beige color, I'm not sure it was as practical in a baby's room. So this new, and hopefully improved, version will be here between January 13-20:

Say a little prayer that it arrives undamaged, because unless there's a family of rabid squirrels living inside, I don't think John will return a second one. ;)

Breakfast - baked hash browns with organic katchup; organic chocolate soy milk
Snack - half a falafel burger with mashed sweet potato
Lunch - Fork and Screen Dining - John's potato chips; fruit salad; white iced tea; some popcorn
Dinner - Shanghai Jazz - assorted vegetarian dim sum (sushi roll, vegan dumplings, citrus salad); steamed veggies with a chili sauce
Dessert - decaf cappuccino; two bites of apple crisp and ice cream

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