Thursday, August 19, 2010

Angry Mommy

Ugh... I did not have a good experience this evening. I got kicked out of yoga! :(  My studio does not have an official prenatal class and the instructors do not feel comfortable having me in class. Oh well... guess I'm off to find a new studio!

To make myself feel better I went for a walk instead. Not the same, but better than stewing. I also talked to my mom... that always makes me feel better. :)

I also thought some retail therapy might be nice. How's this for a bringing-home-baby outfit?

Fun, right? Today was also a better food day, so I can feel better about that.

Breakfast - egg white and cheese on an English Muffin
Snack - piece of banana bread; cantaloupe
Lunch - sandwich thin with taboule salad; organic blackberries
Snack - nectarine; Greek blueberry yogurt
Dinner - steamed veggies with brown rice; steamed veggie dumplings
Dessert - cherry Italian ice

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