Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cloth Diapering Class/Fear Mongering

So, JA and I attended a cloth diapering class tonight. As you know, we were already committed to using cloth over disposables. Bottom line - less chemicals on baby's skin, less expensive, and better for the environment. The class we attended tonight spent the first 45 minutes detailing all the ways that disposable diapers would eventually harm our baby. They spent 45 minutes listing all the carcinogens and chemicals that would ultimately cause cancer, lower sperm counts, and affect hormone levels. OK... I get it. That's why we went - we knew that disposables weren't great. I could have done without the conspiracy theories. ;)  After, I did get the information for which we went, namely, what different types were available, how many of each to get, and what accessories we would need. We've already purchased our newborn set and when the time comes for the next size, we have a few options to consider. Alice also lent me Ella's cloth diapers so we could try them out to see if they work for us. Either way, I am confident that Baby A's bottom will be covered... literally. :)

Next on the to-do list... hang a clothesline. :)

Breakfast - organic honey nut cereal with organic low fat milk
Snack - organic tortilla chips and salsa
Lunch - homemade egg salad on a sandwich thin
Snack - all natural raspberry lemonade; Asian snack mix
Dinner - slice of cheese pizza; organic broccoli, peas, and corn
Dessert - decaf latte and a peanut butter cookie (we needed a treat after almost two hours in that class!)

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