Monday, October 18, 2010


Somehow hearing that sound never grows old. :)  I had my 24-week appointment today and all is progressing well with our little boy. I've gained 12 pounds total, which according to my reading (and my doctor) is right on track. My goal is still to keep my total gain under 30 pounds, which I should be able to easily do if I stay on my current path. Keeping this food journal each day is definitely helping, and even though I ate pizza for dinner tonight, I think I'm going to make this work!

At my appointment today we learned that I have quite a few tests coming up. I scheduled my one-hour glucose screening and HIV test (mandated in the state of NJ). I also have to call the hospital to schedule my RhoGam shot (which I think I get in my bottom - ouch!) JA and I also scheduled a 3-D/4-D ultrasound in mid-November. We'll get one more chance to see our son before he makes his grand entrance in February. I read that he'll be growing about half a pound each week from now on - isn't that crazy?! I guess that means I can only gain half a pound too, if my total gain each week should be around a pound. :)

Breakfast - bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal with organic low fat milk; apple juice
Lunch - veggie burger (no bun) with light honey mustard dressing; pita chips and hummus; POP chips; Greek raspberry yogurt
Snack - Kashi granola bar; Hershey's miniature dark chocolate
Dinner - one slice of cheese pizza; black bean soup

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