Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Do List

As you know, I've been thinking a lot about the nursery this week. It's been a bit since I updated my to-do list, so here goes:
  • crib - ordered!
  • ceiling and walls - painted!
  • order fabric from javis davis (love this company!) - check!
Still to-do:
  • order glider and ottoman (I like the idea of waiting until Black Friday - never know if Walmart might have a fun sale)
  • purchase dresser and organizers (Ikea)
  • exchange furniture between guest rooms (twin bed coming into nursery)
  • paint side table(s)
  • order ceiling compass decal and wall decor (this is the fun stuff!)
Eek! That's a lot of stuff to do. Sitting on the couch watching Vampire Diaries and The Office probably doesn't help get any of it done either, though, right? ;)

Breakfast - bowl of Frosted Flakes; cranberry juice/water mix
Snack - Kashi granola bar
Lunch - natural peanut butter on an English muffin; reduced fat Cheez-Its; four Starbursts
Snack/Lunch #2 (baby wasn't really feeling like that lunch was enough) - 9-grain wheat bread with spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, banana peppers, red onions, and honey mustard; apple slices
Dinner - veggie soy patty on half a whole wheat pita; half a baked potato

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