Monday, October 25, 2010

Report Card Week

Report cards are due on Thursday, which means I am "in the zone." We have a new electronic system this year, which I am loving! This means, however, that my posts will be strictly limited to the food journal. All candy references are to cope with report cards. :)

Breakfast - plain bagel with light cream cheese; OJ
Lunch - baked ziti; five water crackers with hummus; Greek strawberry yogurt; handful of pumpkin seeds
Snack - sliced apple; organic grapes; fun size Milk Duds and Sweet Tarts
Dinner - half a veggie burrito (onions, peppers, zucchini, beans, and cheese); handful of tortilla chips and salsa
Dessert - fun size peanut butter cup and Hershey's chocolate bar

This Halloween candy is going to be the DEATH of me! I can't wait to get rid of it on Sunday!

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