Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birthday Boy

Today is JA's birthday! I love birthdays and celebrating the day someone I love so much was born. He's going to be such a great father and I hope this baby realizes how lucky she is to have him for a daddy.

I toured a third day care center today and it was by far the priciest and the nicest. :)  I doubt it will be the one we go with however, because I couldn't take the baby out for the summer. Well, I could, I'd just still have to pay tuition. So I still feel good about the place I saw yesterday, but will continue to check around for a few places to see what will be the best fit for us. At least they keep getting better and better...

Also, could it be possible that I found a crib and dresser combination that will work? They are not a matching set, but what do you think?

They look a bit boring at the moment, but with the right bedding and accessories I think they could really work. I like the clean lines and dark color. And, contrary to what JA might think, I managed to find inexpensive pieces! Actually, his only concern was that I find safe, well-built pieces and he'll be happy to know that they meet all safety regulations and got excellent reviews in my Baby Bargains book. The crib is $160 and the dresser is $300. There are also a few other pieces that I might like for the room like a chest of drawers, bookshelf, nightstand, etc... All very reasonably priced as well. :)  They will make up for the upholstered rocker/glider/recliner that I want, which will probably cost about $700. I've set a nursery budget of $1500-$2000, and I think I'm on the right track.

I don't like this color, but man is that chair comfy! It comes in a bajillion other colors and fabrics so I could pick something a bit lighter that would coordinate with whatever bedding I decide to use. Decisions, decisions...

Breakfast - two organic eggs on a sandwich thin with dijon mustard; OJ
Snack - Kashi granola bar
Lunch - slice of cheese pizza; lemonade
Snack - bowl of organic strawberries, blackberries, and grapes with half a banana
Dinner - nachos; half veggie wrap and fries (went to Tashmoo for JA's birthday!!)
Snack - kiddie cone of bown cow peanut butter oreo ice cream (my reward for resisting birthday cake?) ;)

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