Monday, July 26, 2010

What was I thinking?!

Today was my first day teaching a science camp in my district. I remember being exhausted doing it last year... what was I thinking signing up for it in the first trimester?! The kids are adorable and we had a blast, but I literally fell asleep after lunch during my free period. This free period does not happen in my schedule tomorrow, so I better suck it up! ;)  I'm hoping the excitement over tomorrow's ultrasound will help keep me awake. Can't wait to see baby A again!

They really have a great curriculum... if only they'd incorporate nap time.

Breakfast - two organic eggs on a sandwich thin with ketchup
Snack - pita chips and organic hummus
Lunch - organic Romaine, tomato, and black beans with honey mustard dressing; organic strawberries, blueberries, and grapes; organic celery and natural peanut butter
Snack - Greek peach yogurt; Chex mix
Dinner - half a cheese quesadilla and sweet potato fries (the last of the batch - talk about huge restaurant portions - I've eaten these things for days!)
Dessert - half a brownie (I like to bake for the ladies at the ob's office. I told JA they are like the custodians and secretaries at school - you need them to like you!)

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