Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jersey Shore

I'm not sure how long one has to live here to be considered a "Jersey girl," but I've lived in the Garden State for five years and I haven't gone tanning or gotten fake nails yet. I do, however, love NJ reality television. Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, Jersey Couture... bring it on. Tonight Tom and Stacy came over to watch the new season of Jersey Shore (which mysteriously takes place in Miami?) One thing is certain... JA and I will NOT be raising a Jersey girl (or boy). ;)

Breakfast - two organic eggs on whole grain toast with ketchup
Snack - organic banana; handful of almonds
Lunch - Amy's vegan burrito; organic strawberries and blueberries; half a brownie bite (the last of 'em - I shared with my friend)
Snack - organic plum; organic grape tomatoes with honey mustard dressing
Snack - pita chips and organic hummus
Dinner - two slices of cheese pizza; handful of potato chips

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