Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

There was a heat advisory in our area today. As a result, I neither changed out of my pajamas nor left the house today. Ahhhh... it felt pretty nice. I bonded with my computer and my television and even managed to get some curriculum work done. Molly and Maggie have been equally lazy with me. JA, however, was quite productive today and did tons of yard work this morning. What a trooper!

This was me today... minus the snacks (mostly). ;)

Breakfast - one egg on a sandwich thin with ketchup; organic grapes and blackberries
Snack - Greek blueberry yogurt
Lunch - garden salad (organic lettuce, tomato, and black beans with light honey mustard dressing); sweet potato fries (my new obsession!)
Snack - organic red delicious apple
Dinner - half a veggie wrap; rest of my fries
Snack - frozen fruit juice bar

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