Sunday, July 18, 2010

Growing Old

We are heading down the shore today to visit John's parents. His grandmother is very ill, and they aren't sure she's going to survive the night. Facing mortality is something we have to do more and more as we get older, and it's sad to realize that Baby A will most likely not know any of his/her great-grandparents. I am comforted, however, in the knowledge that they will all be smiling down on our child and his/her grandparents will more than make up for their absence with love.

Yesterday Baby A attended her second concert - Dave Matthews Band. I hadn't seen Dave play in 10 years, and yesterday's show was rather disappointing. He played so much new stuff and only about 5 songs that I was able to sing along too. Bummer... On the bright side, we spent a fun evening with friends on a beautiful (but hot!) summer night. And we got lost walking back to the car, so I got in an extra mile of walking. :)

I prefer the younger, thinner version of Dave.
And the one who plays songs I know.

Saturday (not a great eating day, but Sunday will be much better)
Breakfast - two eggs on an English muffin; half a slice of French toast; OJ
Snack - trail mix; 3 garlic knots
Lunch - cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickles on a roll with oil and vinegar
Dinner - soft pretzel (at the concert); cherry Italian ice; Kashi granola bar
Snack - Wendy's french fries (I'm not proud, but I was starving!)

Breakfast - one pancake with syrup; sliced organic strawberries
Lunch - Amy's vegetarian enchiladas; zucchini; nectarine
Snack - Wheat Thins; three Twizzlers
Dinner - broccoli, carrots, and bok choy in a spicy sauce with brown rice
Snack - one mini chocolate donut

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