Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A new 'do

Today was my third day of Camp, which the custodians at school are affectionately calling "Camp Chaos" because of the mess we make! Over the past few days I've been covered in paint, bubbles, marker, tape, hot glue, and sweat. It's awesome. ;) Which is why it was so nice to go to the spa and get my hair done today. Nothing like resting back while someone massages your head with aromatic shampoo. Ahhhh... Speaking of massage, I think it's time to schedule a full body prenatal one for Friday. It will be a nice respite from the chaos.

Breakfast - two organic eggs on whole grain toast
Snack - Greek pomegranate yogurt
Lunch - multigrain bagel with light cream cheese; organic strawberries and grapes; celery and peanut butter
Snack - brownie bite
Dinner - bowl of Cinnamon Chex with organic lowfat milk
Dessert - cherry italian ice

I am still, apparently, all about the carbs. :)

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