Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Did It!

I made it through my presentation without crying, but I did make a few moms cry. :)  My kids were amazing! I'm so proud of all their hard work. Two days left of school... so much to do! I've been trying to clean up a little bit every day, but I'm so exhausted I just want to sit down and relax sleep. Tomorrow I'm supposed to work at ModelBride after school. What was I thinking when I agreed to that?!

Breakfast - egg and cheese on an everything bagel
Snack - pita chips and hummus
Lunch - slice of margarita pizza; handful of almonds; strawberries; carrots and ranch dip
Snack - handful of animal crackers; Greek raspberry yogurt
Snack - bowl of Total cereal
Dinner - slice of pizza; 2 breadsticks with marinara sauce
Snack - sour candies

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