Saturday, June 19, 2010

Princess Party

Today JA and I went to our friends' daughter's second birthday party. It was a princess party! Lots of little kiddos running around and having fun. We also got to see our friends' eight- and ten-month-old babies. It's hard to imagine that we'll have a little one like that next year. Very cool...

On the way to the party I had John pull over so we could switch. I was feeling really nauseated in the passenger seat, but felt much better driving. We stayed at the party for about four hours. By the end, my back was pretty achy and we were both tired! I managed to have only one little bite of sugar cookie too. All around, a good day. :)

Breakfast - two eggs on a bun with ketchup
Snack - handful of almonds; SoyJoy berry bar
Lunch - bruschetta; pretzel thins and red pepper hummus
Dinner - garden salad; pasta salad; potato salad
Dessert - Total raisin bran

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