Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Big Nursery Reveal

Let me start this post with a big shout-out to my mom who came down to help me set up the rest of the nursery this weekend. Special thanks are also extended to Wendy, Charlie's Madrinha, who coordinated the fabrics with Mrs. Medeiros, seamstress to the stars! :) I love how everything turned out and I can't wait until our little guy is here to live in his new space.

Here's how the room began, as a guest room, in the days of yore.

And then I began "demolition"...

And the plan was set into place:

Without further ado, here are the final results. The room:


The closet:

I only hung "outfits" (pants and tops) in newborn and 0-3 month sizes. Everything else (PJs, play clothes, etc.) in those sizes is in the dresser and all other sizes are stored in bins.

The Ikea Hemnes dresser (LOVE!):

Onesies and burp cloths in the top two drawers on the left

Newborn cloth diapers and a misc. drawer on the right

Nursing supplies and Charlie's sock surplus

Blankets and bibs

Pajamas, socks, and hats in newborn and 0-3 month sizes

What my mom calls "a dangerous drawer" (it's empty, which means more cothes could go inside... ;)

The details:
Vintage and classic books

Homemade baby book, video monitor, and crab fan

Changing station: cloth wipes, Seventh Generation disposable wipes, lamp, nightlights, Angelcare Monitor

Side table near the glider with more books, a lamp, and an iPod docking station; his basket of toys sits below
Well, that's it! It's been a long process, but totally worth it. I have one week until my due date, and probably a week or two after that until we meet Charles, but we are ready! (Well, the room is anyway...)

Breakfast - Cinnamon Life cereal with organic, low fat milk; decaf vanilla chai latte
Snack - one slice of whole grain toast with natural peanut butter
Lunch - half of a Whole Foods vegetable pot pie; pita chips
Snack - organic apple
Dinner - out with my handsome husband

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