Wednesday, January 26, 2011

O.M.G more S.N.O.W.

This is getting slightly ridiculous and if Mother Nature affects my mom's ability to be here for Charlie's birth I will be very annoyed! I'm home from school early today because of the snow. It's supposed to start up heavy again tonight, so there's a chance of a delay or snow day tomorrow too. The worst part - I had to cancel my massage this evening. Boo hoo! On the bright side, it is quite beautiful. Here are the front and back yards:

In other happy news, my neighbor Jen delivered her baby girl this morning! Mira Irene was born at 6:30 - welcome to the neighborhood! Between my countdown ticker over here --> (10 days!!) and knowing that Jen was due a week before me, I am so excited to meet this little man. Just need to make it through next week at school and his timing will be perfect. Of course, if he needs to come before that, we'll accommodate him. ;)

I've been thinking about where Charles will sleep when we first bring him home. You may know that Molly and Maggie share our bed at night. It all started after one of Maggie's many surgeries, and they've just grown accustomed to staying with us now. I'm OK with that, so long as it doesn't mess anything up with Charles. Right now we have the Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper and the Pack and Play that Alice let us borrow in our room.

His crib is obviously set up in the nursery as well. Between these three locations, he should be comfortable. I expect that we'll be up every few hours for diaper changes and feedings. Changes can happen either in the Pack and Play or on his dresser and I plan to walk to the nursery or use the chair in our room for nursing. Of course, we'll only know if this plan will work once he gets here. My friend Aimee gave me a book the other day called The Boss Baby. Super cute, and I'm sure it's quite true too. :)

Breakfast - egg white veggie flatbread; cranberry juice
Snack - chocolate chip cookie
Lunch - elbow macaroni in a marinara sauce with broccoli and peas; pretzel sticks; piece of cheese; Kashi granola bar
Snack - grilled cheese on whole grain bread
Dinner - low fat pierogies; mixed veggies (broccoli, corn, peas, and zucchini)
Dessert - homemade brownie

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