Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Do List (again)

It's been a while since I've updated my to-do list, so I thought I should let you know what we still have left in order to prepare for Charlie. Here's the list as it stands today:
  • iron the bedskirt for the twin and make the bed done!
  • clean out the tools and packing materials that have accumulated in there done!
  • decide where I'm hanging the three etsy prints and choose frames done!
  • buy a quart of paint for the side table (changing the black to green) done!
  • hang the mirror behind the door done!
  • write thank you notes (after my class shower, I have 20 more to write!!)
  • install the curtain rods (waiting for the fabric)
  • schedule a delivery date for the glider
  • find and purchase an ottoman
  • assemble the Rock & Play Sleeper (where he may sleep for the first few weeks - we have the crib, pack and play newborn napper, and this gadget, so he'll have to love one of them, right??)
  • finish packing my hospital bag and the treats basket for the nurses (almost done)
  • address envelopes for the birth announcements (waiting for the shipment)
Breakfast - raisin bagel with light cream cheese; cranberry/pomegranate juice
Snack - hot cocoa; organic granola bar; small piece of gruyere cheese
Lunch - garden salad (organic romaine, carrots, celery and grape tomatoes) with light honey mustard dressing and half a soy "chicken" patty; Greek strawberry yogurt; four water crackers with brie cheese; reduced fat cinnamon roll
Snack - two pieces of Godiva chocolate; POP chips
Dinner - cheese ravioli; piece of garlic toast; side of peas

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