Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sixth Shower

Today I experienced my sixth baby shower. That's right... sixth. How crazy is that? Let's recap: Shower #1 - Massachusetts, #2 - New Jersey, #3 - neighborhood, #4 - classroom, #5 - school, and #6 - school part 2. This is the reason that Charles is set until he's 12. :)  Our friends and family are so kind and generous. We are blessed!

In other nursery gear news, JA and Tom moved the chair upstairs today. Yippee! Again, the nursery is still "under construction" but I'm hoping having my mom down next weekend will fix all that. :) I like the chair, but now of course it needs an accent pillow and ottoman. Ugh... the list never ends!

Breakfast - mini plain bagel with light cream cheese; piece of cinnamon bread; cranberry juice
Lunch - natural peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread; Greek pomegranate yogurt; granny smith apple; piece of low fat cheese
Snack - cucumber avocado roll
Dinner - assorted snacks (veggie spring rolls, margherita pizza slice, a few bites of nachos)

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