Saturday, January 15, 2011

Free Shopping!

Today I went to the mall to exchange some of the last baby items we've received that I either had duplicates of or the sizing was off for the seasons. It was like buying stuff for free! I realize that Charlie has a lot of clothes and doesn't care what he'll be wearing, but I'm looking forward to dressing him up. Today I got two Polo outfits (6m), guitar pajamas from Lord & Taylor (18m), three Gap onesies (0-3m), two Gap outfits (6-12m), a fleece jacket and matching hat from The Children's Place (12m), and two pairs of Christmas pajamas (9m and 12m) from Macy's. The best part? After all my returns, I only spent about $8. Score!

Breakfast - two scrambled eggs with cheese; half a blueberry bagel with light cream cheese; cranberry/pomegranate juice
Snack - peanut butter crackers; organic granola bar; Vitamin Water
Lunch - garden salad (organic romaine, spinach, and grape tomatoes with all natural chipotle ranch dressing); four Ritz crackers with assorted cheese (brie, gouda, stilton, and gruyere)
Snack - Veggie Sticks
Dinner - Japanese spring rolls; edamame; cucumber avocado roll
Dessert - cup of hot Ovaltine with organic, low fat milk

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