Thursday, January 27, 2011

Charlie's Stationery

When JA and I were planning our wedding it took me just as long to select invitations as it did to select my gown... about six months! I am very particular about paper, even though I know it ends up in the recycling bin. So now that it's time to select Charles' first stationery, I'm overwhelmed with all the choices. Here are some of my favorites... I'm torn between making them age-appropriate, but not too babyish or grownup.

Decisions, decisions... In other stationery-related news, I addressed the envelopes for the birth announcements and ordered stamps last night. When Charles arrives we'll just have to snap some adorable photos of him (how hard will that be??) and order the announcements. When they arrive I'll just have to stuff and mail. Excellent!

Oh, and I do have an official snow day today, so I'm sure this won't be my last post. Being home makes me bored, but I'm thankful to not have to drive!

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