Friday, January 28, 2011

The Eighth Shower

I know you think I'm joking... but I'm not! Today John's coworkers threw him a baby shower, making the grand total a whopping eight parties to celebrate Charles Henry! You can read about showers one through six here. Shower seven took place last Saturday when we headed over to a friends' home for dinner, but were surprised by other guests who weren't able to make the NJ shower. And number eight happened today. I even got to attend to surprise the daddy-to-be, which was very fun. :) And of course, Charles scored some more loot:

Molly wonders if there's anything in there for her.

I am eagerly awaiting my mom's arrival tonight. It will be so awesome to see her and she's bringing the nursery fabrics!! We have big plans to set everything up tomorrow, so expect the big nursery reveal coming soon...

Breakfast - egg white veggie flatbread; small hot chocolate
Lunch - elbow macaroni in marinara sauce with broccoli and peas; Greek blueberry yogurt; fat free, 100-calorie pudding
Snack - Kashi granola bar; piece of dark chocolate
Dinner - tortilla chips with vegetarian beans, cheese, sour cream, and salsa; white raspberry tea


Miss Kassie Lynn said...

Hehe egg white veggie flatbread and a hot cocoa for breakfast... Someone runs on Dunkin! (that is my breakfast of choice at Dunks too, except with decaf coffee)

Vanessa said...

Kassie, I've gotten so much better! It used to be every morning, but now I'm trying to limit it to once or twice per week... and sometimes I make it a whole week without going! I think I need a 12-step program! :)

Miss Kassie Lynn said...

I need a 12 step program too, the other morning I added a donut to my order and my boss made a wise-crack about it being bad for me. I wanted to yell "This is the first time I have gotten Dunks in a week, A WEEK! This is a celebratory donut!" Instead I just asked him if he wanted to carry this baby instead. (obviously we have a very casual work environment)