Monday, January 17, 2011

A shoutout to my readers

So even though this is my 202nd post(!) I have to confess that I am somewhat Blogger illiterate. People have left comments lately and I'm not really sure how to respond, so I just wanted to say hello to everyone reading out there! I started this as a way to communicate with my family back home and I'm so glad to have made some new internet friends along the way. :)  I hope you are enjoying this pregnancy journey as much as I am! If you know how to respond to comments, please share some insight with me. Thanks!

Today I had my 37 week appointment. No weight gain (yippee!), BP was 114/60, heartbeat sounded great... everything is moving along nicely. :) I reviewed my birth preferences with the midwife (whom I LOVE by the way) and all of my requests are totally fine. She did recommend, however, that I discuss everything with my OB. She knows he'll be fine with everything - but while the list is typical for her deliveries, it's not his normal routine. My 38-week appointment is with her again, but the 39-weeker is with the doctor, so we can review everything then. I also discussed my not wanting the other new OB in the practice to deliver Charles because I don't think she'll be as amenable to my requests. The midwife agreed. I knew it! The new doc is not natural birth friendly! Oh, and my basket of treats was also highly recommended. She said nurses love food, and the hospital where I'm delivering is much more open to natural deliveries than in years past... more great news! I told her I didn't want them rolling their eyes at my list and poking fun, but she felt like they were pretty progressive now that she and many other midwives deliver there so often. Excellent!

Breakfast - two eggs on whole wheat toast with a slice of American and organic ketchup; cranberry/pomegranate juice; one homemade peanut butter cookie
Lunch - Panera! - garden vegetable soup; half a tomato and mozzarella panini; lemonade
Snack - handful of all natural potato chips; homemade zucchini brownie bite
Dinner - piece of garlic bread; brown rice with mixed veggies (broccoli, red peppers, and corn)
Dessert - two homemade peanut butter cookies; glass of light chocolate soymilk

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