Friday, January 7, 2011

Surprise Baby Shower!

Today my class threw me a surprise baby shower. It was the most adorable thing ever! Each student made a page in a baby book for Charlie and wrote him a letter. Some of my favorite quotes are:
"You have a great and awesome mommy, and I should know because she is my teacher."
"I hope you like dogs because you have two of them."
"Be a good baby. Remember to use your manners."
"Always be nice to everyone, especially your mommy and daddy."
"When you get to third grade, ask your mom if you can be in her class."
"Don't watch TV every day because people can get seizures."
Aren't they hysterical?? They also gave me an assortment of wonderful baby gifts, including more adorable clothes, photo albums, picture frames, toys, blankets, and gift cards. Truly amazing generosity and thoughtfulness. My class moms even loaded everything into the car for me before they left. I am blessed. :)

My first diaper cake! And the awesome book filled with letters from my class.

Breakfast - egg white and cheese on a croissant; decaf latte
Snack - homemade banana bread
Lunch - edamame; vegetable pad thai with tofu; chocolate chip cookie
Snack - bbq POP chips; Vitamin Water
Dinner - Amy's organic vegetable soup

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