Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I know it's not Thankful Thursday, but I had to post this today. I am so thankful for how well I feel and how uncomplicated this pregnancy has been. Even after yesterday's fall, I feel great today - I'm not sore at all! I can still sleep comfortably, eat what I'd like without heartburn, wear normal underwear, tie my shoes, and exercise (even if it is my easy walking workouts). So many people get to this point and just want to be done, and I can totally understand how carrying around 30+ extra pounds can make you feel that way. I seriously wish everyone could have this great of a pregnancy experience! I know I have at least 2 1/2 weeks to go, but in the scheme of things, that's barely any time at all. Before we know it, a little outside baby will be here. Can't wait to meet you Charlie!
**disclaimer - Mom, don't worry! Just because I feel great doesn't mean I'm going to do anything silly. I promise that I am sitting down more at school and resting at all possible moments. :)

Today at lunch one of the teachers mentioned that she thought I had dropped a little bit. Maybe?? I figured a belly pic was in order to see what you thought.

All I see is belly... I don't know what a "dropped" one looks like! ;)

Breakfast - Kashi granola bar; mini plain bagel with light cream cheese; cranberry juice
Snack - small slice of cinnamon bread
Lunch - slice of cheese pizza; Greek strawberry yogurt; Veggie Straws
Snack - granny smith apple; peanut butter crackers
Dinner - organic tortilla chips with vegetarian beans and cheese with light sour cream and salsa

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